Main Services

Waterproof Crawl Spaces

The biggest problem from unsealed crawl spaces is dampness. This can increase humidity, cause floor damage, encourage the growth of mold, and diminish the resale value of your home. Don’t let an unfinished crawl space damage your home and environment.

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Foundation Wall Crack Repair

Foundation wall cracks (interior and exterior) occur commonly in the Midwest where basement walls are often made from poured concrete.

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Sump Pump Repair

We use the most efficient and tested sump pumps on the market to ensure your basement always stays dry.

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Other Services

Interior Drainage Tiles

When the source of seepage is where the floor and wall meet, it is often caused by Hydrostatic Pressure.

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Window Well Drainage

If your window wells are not draining properly, we can design and install a new drain system. We can also replace worn out covers and liners.

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Battery Back-Up Systems

Rain storms often bring electrical outages. Make sure you’re prepared by having a battery back-up system in place.

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Wall Treatments

Your basement walls allow water vapor to pass through them. We prevent this by installing non-permeable moisture and vapor barriers to the foundation.

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