Total Crawl Space Encapsulation

Chicago Total Crawl Space Encapsulation

America’s Best Basement Waterproofers uses Flexi-Sealer

Flexi-Sealer is a reinforced flexible membrane that exceeds ASTM E-1745 Standards for a Vapor Barrier.

America’s Best is able to provide total Crawl Space Encapsulation using Flexi-sealer. ┬áThe Flexi-sealer technology, allows America’s Best to construct a closed, conditioned or vented crawl space. ┬áThere are some key reasons why Flexi-sealer is the only choice for America’s Best:

  1. Flexi-seal surpasses all building code requirements for use in crawl space encapsulation.
  2. Additionally, Flexi-sealer is extremely durable:
  • Resistant to Tearing
  • Stops water vapor
  • Drains any type of foundation wall leakage

Flexi-sealer stops water vapor and drains any type of foundation wall leak into the Ameri-Flo Drain System.

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