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Another common Basement Waterproofing problem is when the source of seepage is at the cove joint- where the floor and wall meet.  Often this is caused by Hydrostatic pressure which occurs when the water table rises after prolonged rain or snow melt.  The best solution to relieve the pressure is the installation of America’s Best, Ameri-Flo Drain System that protects all the ways seepage can enter the basement.

Take a look at the steps to repair seepage!

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Removing the Floor

We remove the floor approximately eight to twelve inches from the wall, depending upon how far the footer protrudes under the floor.

We leave an uneven edge when the floor is removed so that when we replace the cement, we underlay and overlay the concrete.

Grading the Trench

We remove all the debris from the trench, so we start with a nice clean trench. We make sure that we dig down alongside the footer approximately eight inches.


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Install 1.5″ Washed Stone

Install Ameri-Flo Drain System with a slight pitch to drain into the sump pit.

Installation of PolyDrain uses Air Gap Technology to significantly increase water drainage, maintains a 5/8″ air gap between the footer and replacement slab.

  • Increases water flow into Ameri-Flo System
  • Eliminates sweating of concrete
  • Allows thicket replacement floor


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“Weep holes” in every block

We are going to put holes in the bottom course of the blocks. The number of holes depends on whether you have a two or three core block. If some of these holes are missed, water will remain in the basement.


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Window Well Tap

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Remove all dirt and debris.

Replace with 8″ to 12″ of 1.5″ washed stone.


Bore a hole through the wall, just below the window. Chisel out a channel in the wall down to the footing. Tap into the Ameri-Flo System. Double seal both sides of the channel.

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Apply Amer-Sealer with nylon drive pins.

The Ameri-Flo drainage system is installed and your floor is recemented. Your new basement is now ready for you to remodel and enjoy… all year long!


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