Wall Treatments

Chicago Basement Waterproofing: Wall Treatments

After installing the Ameri-Flo Drain System, the next thing you should consider is your basement walls.

Your basement walls allow water vapor to pass through them.  Concrete block walls are an even bigger problem, because they not only allow water vapor through, but because of their hollow core, cold and damp outside air passes through very easily.

Stone walls, which are more common in older homes, also allow air, water, and water vapor to pass through.

America’s Best Waterproofing utilizes the Amer-Sealer solution.


Amer-Sealer panels are a non permeable moisture and vapor barrier permanently installed to the foundation.  Moisture entering the foundation is directed into any subfloor or surface drainage system, keeping the basement interior dry.


Some key benefits of Amer-Sealer include:

  • Meets building code requirements
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Bright white finish
  • Lifetime Warranty